How to create a glam bedroom?

I always had a passion for interior design and home decor (must come from my amazing mother). Our home is where we raise our families and create lifetime memories, and I believe its important to create a welcoming and beautiful space that you love coming home to.

Upgrade Your Headboard

My biggest advice is to invest in a beautiful bed/headboard. The bed will create a focal point in the room and one of the first things you will notice when you walk in the room. Currently, I’m loving upholstered and tufted headboards.

Dress your Windows

It’s crazy how much curtains can transform a room, in my opinion adding drapes completes the room and creates a cozy environment. A window without drapery seems a bit lonely in my opinion.

Fresh Up with Flowers

Of course, it’s always a treat to decorate with fresh flowers it makes the room come alive. But fresh flowers can be pricy and a more budget-friendly option is to buy faux flowers. With spring around the corner, there are so many beautiful artificial options. I personally like romantic and neutral colors, adding a beautiful floral bouquet brightens up the room and adds that feminine touch.

Arrange Your Furniture

I am a big fan of symmetrical bedroom design, Bed in the center, Nightstands on each side. It makes the room balanced and visually appealing. I personally prefer my bedroom furniture to match, and I just love mirrored furniture it just adds so much glam to the room.

Make sure you have plenty of storage where you can put your belongings away. If you have space I recommended investing in a dresser, it gives you more storage room to keep the clutter away and it just completes the room.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Lighting is so important in the room and placing a beautiful chandelier in your bedroom gives you that elegant and stylish look. It’s the finishing touches that really matter.

Pick A Neutral Color Scheme

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can dramatically transform a room. I recommended white pastel colors for that crisp and bright feel, neutral colors also makes your room look bigger.

Master Bedroom is a place where you can unwind and relax at the end of the day, and also its where you wake up and get ready for the day. I hope that this master bedroom reveal will inspire you to create a stunning space.

What is most important to you when designing your dream master bedroom? Comment below I would love to know!