Easy General Tso’s Chicken Recipe

This is the most simple and easy homemade general tso’s chicken recipe, packed with flavor, and a savory sauce over delicious crispy fried chicken. I come from a large family and my aunt makes this delicious general chicken that tastes just like Chinese restaurants takeout. It’s a staple at our family gatherings and one of … Read more

Chicken Chebureki Recipe

Ukrainian Chebureki is one of my favorite Slavic dishes to have for lunch, and it’s super easy to make especially with my chebureki recipe. What is Chebureki? It’s basically a fried turnover with a filling on the inside. You can make it with any ground or minced meat you like or vegetarian if you would … Read more

Olive garden zuppa toscana copycat

  Ever since I was a child, soups were my go to meal (maybe because soups were a staple in our household and I pretty much grew up on soups). And one of my favorite all time soup is the famous Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana. Its the perfect savory soup and super easy to make. … Read more

Self Care Routine Ideas At Home

10 aesthetic self care routine ideas to practice everyday at home. #selfcare #inspirational #motivation

We all want to be happy and be the best version of ourselves. Life itself is a beautiful gift and we were created with a purpose. But because we live in such a busy world, we get stuck in our repetitive world and forget to enjoy it. Why Having A Self Care Routine Is So … Read more