Self Care Routine Ideas At Home

We all want to be happy and be the best version of ourselves. Life itself is a beautiful gift and we were created with a purpose. But because we live in such a busy world, we get stuck in our repetitive world and forget to enjoy it.

10 aesthetic self care routine ideas to practice everyday at home. #selfcare #inspirational #motivation

Why Having A Self Care Routine Is So Important?

I am a big advocate of self-care, especially as a mom and a wife taking care of myself, and having a self-care routine is so important.

My family is my biggest blessing, and being a parent is a huge responsibility and a full time job. After all I am raising next generation, its important that my kids grow up with morals and have a successful life. They need me, they rely on me.

And that is why having a self-care is so important, so you don’t end up burnout up and exhausted. It’s important to slow down and enjoy the little things in life that make you happy.

Self Care Routine Ideas To Practice At Home

1. Start your day early

Set your alarm to wake you up at least an hour before your kids wake up (if you have kids). It’s important to start your day fresh, with a clear mind and not in a rush. Start your day with a prayer, Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and spend time reading devotions.

2.Get Ready for the day

Even if you work from home or a stay at home mom, its important to get ready for the day. Take a shower, do your hair, put your make up on and put on a cute outfit. It’s important to feel good about yourself, and it’s silly but somehow when I take the time to get ready and look put together, I am more productive.

3. Listen to music

There is just something about Music that makes my heart happy. Everyone who knows me, will tell you how much I love music. Turn on your favorite playlist, and leave it in the background.

4.Go for a walk

It’s important to take a break and enjoy some fresh air and get that Vitamin D. Plus walking counts as exercise (at least in my book) so win-win for you.

5. Practice Gratitude

Stop and look around, be thankful of what you have in your life. We always want more and more and forget to appreciate what we already have.

When I had my firstborn, I remember my mom in law telling me ‘Oh soon one day your daughter will start walking and then some time will pass and she will go to school.” And at that moment just the thought of her walking seemed so far away, I couldn’t even begin to imagine her going to school. And now 7 years later, I look at her and think wow how is she so big now,?how did the time fly so fast?

Remembering this, made me appreciate my kids more and those everyday moments became more special.

6. Learn A New Hobby

It’s never too late to discover and fall in love with a new hobby. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, or learn how to paint. Right now is the best time to learn a new hobby while we’re all stuck at home.

Engaging in hobbies that we enjoy is not just a nice break from everyday life, but studies have shown that it has mental and physical health benefits.

7. Face Time A Friend

Texting is great and all, but when you are talking face to face it’s more intimate. Especially right now, we all miss human interactions, don’t wait for your phone to ring. Maybe you lost touch with a friend, give them a call, and tell them how much you miss them and how much they mean to you.

8. Keep your house clean and organized

I know what you might be thinking, how does cleaning and organizing part of self-care routine? Well, when you are surrounded by clutter and mess it can make you feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and sometimes causes anxiety.

Having a clean space where you can focus, work, and unwind at the end of the day is so important. When my house is clean and organized, I find that I am more productive and it just puts me in a good mood.

I actually enjoy cleaning and organizing my house, I find it very therapeutic.

9.Watch The Sunset

Take the time in the evening to watch the sunset, you can do it from your home or if you want to be more adventurous, get in your car look for a new location spot with the best sunset view. Watching the sunset is not just beautiful to look at, but it can be very calming and relaxing.

10.Pamper Your Self

Nothing feels better than taking a nice hot bath at the end of the day. Light up a few candles, throw in your favorite bath bomb, put on your favorite face mask, and just relax.

Final Words

All these ideas are wonderful ways to practice self-care, but as a Christian, having a relationship with Jesus is the most important part of my self-care.

Yes, All these ideas are wonderful ways to practice self-care, but the care that you and I really need is not hidden somewhere deep inside us. God is the only One who can restore you and heal you with the free gift of the grace of His Love.

That does not mean that just because I am a Christian I should disregard Self Care, in fact, its part of my Christian walk and I love this verse in the bible:

Dear Friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and are in good health, just as your whole life is going well. 3 John 1:2.

Pursuing God, living a Christ-Centered life, knowing that God loves me and I have someone Bigger and Greater than me who cares about me and I can trust, is the most important aspect of my life.

What is your self-care routine? Comment down below I would love to know.


12 thoughts on “Self Care Routine Ideas At Home”

  1. You’re so right that we get so caught up in the everyday tasks that our own self-care is often pushed to the back burner. But if we can’t show up for ourselves then we can’t be our best for anyone. And I agree that a relationship with God should always be at the forefront of any good self-care routine.

  2. Such a good post! I love self-care anything. I especially agree with expressing gratitude. It has so much power!

  3. I love that you added a scripture! I am a Christian, too, and agree that we are supposed to take care of ourselves; our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Good suggestions! 🙂

  4. I like your tips, especially number 5 “Practice Gratitude” which is very important, in my opinion. I’m grateful to the Almighty God (Yahweh) in heaven for all His blessings, including my family and brethren in the church 🙂


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